I found a key

Keys are always fun when you don’t know what they unlock. But sometimes you have to unlock something and you need to find that key. For most of my life I’ve had things locked up inside. Things I don’t want to talk about with anyone. And they affect me more than anyone really knows.

Dr. Margo Silverman has been part of the key I found to deal with a majority of my childhood trama. Most of it is self inflicted trama – me making my life worse. But there are issues I deal with. I never found the key to forgiving my mother for what she did to me. I’m working very hard at try to find the key to forgiving my father. He’s as much a victim in this circumstance as I was. He had no reason to know about me, no reason to suspect that I was his son.

But Margo helped me find the one key that I needed to get me through the rest of my life. That key is to be me. Don’t be the loud obnoxious kid looking to get attention. Don’t be the scared little boy that you think you are. Somewhere in the middled is me. I know what to look for, I have the first key to the first lock.

Now to find the rest.