I killed it.

Don’t worry I didn’t kill the pretty tiger.

I’m a hunter. My job is to kill rogue supernatural beings. It is the law of the Clandestine Providence and yet I find it hard to do in most cases.

If a weretiger kills a human, or maims them resulting in an unwanted fledgling then yes I see the point. But a weretiger who isn’t trained? One who could have been helped? And this is 80% of the cases that come through our doors. Kids who’s parents didn’t know any better. Every single were created should have the chance even if they had horrible sires to become a welcomed part of human society.

In my time as a hunter I’ve only killed in self-defense. I’ve killed vampires the most – because they truly were a menace to society and they tried to kill me too. Rogue vampires are rare mainly because they are hunted by their own kind. Their enforcers are something to terrify the vampires. There are only two in the entire world – one in the new world and one in the old.

I’ve hunted the one here – Il Cane, the Hound. I’ve come close to finding her. But I’ve never actually seen her. I have seen the Son of the Hound and her human servant.  That’s how I know I’ve gotten close. They stall me until she is gone and I’ve lost her trail. But really I stop hunting at that point. She’s done nothing wrong, but I find it a challenge to hunt the impossible.

I have killed one dragon. He left me with a nice burn scar on my left leg. Who knew that dragons in human form breathe fire. I didn’t. I suspect that most people didn’t know because dragons fire is a lot like napalm. It sticks to you. I only survived because I was able to stop the spread of the fire with my element bending.

I’ve killed a werebear or two, and a few other werecreatures. One was rabid. I assume he was rabid before he was turned. Possibly a rabid dog or wolf (or squirrel) bit him and then a werewolf bit him. The two diseases don’t usually co-exist.

I don’t enjoy killing but I will if I have to.