Insert Beavis and Butthead laughter here. “Hehe, he said stiff.”

Yes, I’m twelve!

In all honesty I can’t get past that particular thought. Sex is one of the bad influences on my coping mechanisms. I’ve been sexually active since I was 13. Its when I realized I could be close to someone – pleasurably close and not have to care about them. Sex became just another way to push someone away.

I rarely sleep with the same person more than once. And those that I have are just in it for the sex as well. A few times those situations have backfired. I’ve had a girl fall in love and when she caught me sleeping with her brother she threw things at me. I am always careful to insist that they understand I only want sex from them, but she didn’t believe me after the third or forth ‘date’.

I don’t do relationships. I don’t date unless it’s the only path to inside your pants.But I am always clear on my intentions. Always! Just as I always use protection. Theory says that I won’t catch anything as my Venatori super healing body would kill/heal any infections etc. However, I am half human and I don’t want to take that chance as 85% of my bedroom partners are human. And maybe 1% of them are Venatori, leaving the remainder as supernatural beings that live around me. They are always an interesting encounter.

Thankfully most supernatural beings, Venatori included, have the ability to turn off the reproduction feature. Were-creatures have a mating season. Vampires don’t reproduce by any sexual means, demons, angels and ghosts all need human bodies to have sex so they are limited by the human’s reproductive situation. ¬†Venatori women have an internal switch, sort of. It’s a biological hand-me down from our progenitor race – the Aeternus who only mated once a life time. In the Venatori the only accidental births are those with humans – like me.