A Pink Tutu

My first inclination and thought about this prompt was about my sexuality. However, being me isn’t just about the things I complain about what other people find offensive about me. So I’ll go a different direction.

In nearly every incarnation of my image in AJ’s head I have loved to dance. In one incarnation my mother before she died was a dance instructor, so I learned at a young age how to dance – literally ballet, swing dancing, square dancing, the jitter-bug you name it and I probably learned it.  It was something me and my mother did.

In this incarnation, it’s not quite so formal. It’s my go to hang out. I do bars for specific things like picking up a bedroom partner for the night. But if I want to have a good time – without the sex afterwards – crazy I know, I go to a club to dance.

New York City during my growing up years was great for that. Make friends in the right places and I was able to get in to most places, being taller at that age helped a lot. The bartenders knew my age and didn’t serve me alcohol but that was fine with me, after the one time I got blitz I haven’t drank enough to have more than a light buzz, if that – a beer, two at most.

Dancing is good exercise but far more fun. I have a habit of dancing when doing random things – cleaning, cooking. I used to study with the music blaring and a book in my hand  dancing around the room until a roommate would come home and shun me and I’d end up be-bopping to the music in my bunk. It was one way for me to commit annoying things to memory – the music not the dancing. I’m not sure I learned much more dancing around than sitting still.

I have never worn a pink tutu tho – maybe I should, just add to my charm!