Bubble of Evil

Once long time ago in a land far far away called Dragonmount I wrote a character for over 10 years. If you’ve read the Wheel of Time you’ll remember the bubbles of evil, well we had one, but the group I was part of wanted to do something different, so we wrote an RP in poetry. Below is my post.

Lost Friends

Morning came on the wings of time
Birds were signing their morning rhyme
A mist settled into the cracks
Handlers were stuffing morning packs
Tasks handled with care

Cari woke as the sun peaked it’s head
Quickly dressed and roused the kids from bed
It was Sam’s morning to take them to school
Next door they walked in the morning cool
The kids would be quiet or beware

The twins safely inside the house
Cari went to tend the horse, Mouse
The fog got heavy and feirce
With muffled screams the air did peirce
Cari was about not an easy one to scare

Achet and Seirra did walk in view
The fog enclosed and off a dog flew
Screams of anguish and pain
Streams of blood did rain
Achet’s body did tear

Cari didn’t have time to scream
Seirra’s body in red did gleam
Cari’s breathe was gone
The fog too it with it’s talon
Her lungs were deprived of air

Time flew by at top speed
And left little for them to heed
But the fog lifted with ease
By the soft blowing breeze
Cari’s body gasped for air

But nothing was left of her friends
It was their time to come to their ends
Cari ran to Sam’s house
Forgetting about the horse named Mouse
Cari saw her children and did stare

Perfectly happy in Sam’s bed
From Cari’s eyes her tears fled
Achet and Seira were lost
It seemed there was always a cost
when death strikes those who care.

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