It’s not news if you’ve been following me around at all, but I was born in the mountains – Boulder, CO specifically. I don’t remember much about them before I left at the age of 5.

What I do remember is watching the mountains grow smaller as we drove to Denver. First them loomed over head like sleeping giants waiting to pounce. But as we neared the airport they became just shadows in the distance. Beautiful purple and blue humps that made me long for my nice warm bed in the cabin in the woods. I still wish for that some days.

It was the fondest memory of home I had. It’s what home was for me for 18 years. That was until I returned home. Home wasn’t what I thought it was. Home was no longer those beautiful majestic mountains. No, home was the towering skyscrapers of New York City. Home was the Apex Unlimited Building. Home was something I didn’t even know I had until I was gone from it.

The mountains had long since been home. But they were still beautiful, still majestic, and still a very fond memory of happy times with a family.