The Children of the Light – p1

Evil isn’t always doing heinous acts in the dark places. No sometimes evil was something as simple as lying or a drawing on someone’s door. The Great Lord asks many things of many people, some simply to lie for him, others to kill in his name. For Gher and Rion it was to make sure that Lyal Truit didn’t hand Rewt to the Children of the Light where he would give up names, places, and other vital information that the Great Lord held dear to his cause. This was their first job – to stop such information. All their other jobs had been simple steal this information from so and so type jobs. They were finally moving up and now they were going to gain more glory for themselves. The Great Lord would be proud of them. But Amadicia is such a hard place to be evil and not get caught. In retrospect, they probably should have turned down the job just on location alone, but they were eager to please the Great Lord.

Lyal owned The Prancing Leprechaun Inn and he was holding Rewt in a store room. They could have done many things to save their friend, but they were not killers and they knew they would never get Rewt out with out a fight and a fight meant someone had to die. So they went for the next best thing. Turn the table on the innkeeper before he could out Rewt. The Dragon Fang on any door in any town was dangersous, but in Amadicia it was far quicker to your doom. Gher and Rion came to the inn’s door in the dead of night when there would be noone outside. But their timing couldn’t have been worse, their scrawlings of dragon fangs on a local inn’s door was witnessed in the dim lights of the city, and witnessed none-the-less by a Child of the Light.

It might have gone down differently if Rion hadn’t spoken too loud. “The Great Lord will give us immortality for this Gher. This man will not turn in Rewt for a darkfriend, no, he’ll be called one himself.” Gher promptly hushed him but the damage was done.

The Child of the light started towards them, but neither man noticed at first. It wasn’t till he shouted. “Stop you! Guards, we have omitted darkfriends here! Guards!”

And more guards pilled out of the inn, and more Children of the Light. Gher and Rion could do nothing but flee. They took to their horses and galloped through town as fast as their horses could muster. They needed sanctuary. Where to go was the only thoughts on their minds. “Rumors say there’s a ranch in Cairhein that will take us in. Ride hard and let’s get to safety before they catch us.”

Gher and Rion rode as fast as they could, their horses were near exhaustion but they didn’t dare stop for more than an little while. They’d only managed to stay ahead of those pursuing them. The Children of the Light were relentless. Once into the wilderness it was far easier to stay ahead of them. But they must have had a tracker because they were almost always just over the hill behind them.

Gher and Rion even tried splitting up once before reaching Cairhein, but it seemed they only were followed quicker. With less of a contingent they were easier to follow. In the end, they decided to stick together. They knew that they were close to their supposed haven.

Their horses finally exhausted collapsed from days and days of exertion. First Gher’s and then Rion’s an hour later. They were on foot now. There was no time to waste. A small town was in sight and they hurried as fast as they could. A quick inquiry pointed them west, to the only ranch in the area. They were almost safe!

Gher and Rion stumbled through the Ranch gates and were greeted with blank faces as they flashed their darkfriend signs. No response? How could this be? A woman wearing clothes that were surely not those of a ranch worker came to see the commotion? “Franc what’s the problem here?”