The Children of the Light – p3

Liam returned but he hadn’t been gone long before the front door burst open and the children were ushered in. Kate, Aiden and Fawne ran to Cari and clung to her like they’d been molested by their new found captors. If they touched even one hair on any of their heads he would find himself dead. Cari whispered to the children. “Are you okay? Did they touch you or hurt you?” Each shook their head and Cari only nodded. The Children of the Light were pouring into the ranch house pushing every resident into the main room. This would have done better outside, but now the poor ranch house itself was in danger as much as their denizens. Cari took noticeable note that Nalia was not present.

One of the men, a Questioner if the red crook on his cloak signified his rightful rank. That was just what they needed the questioners were by far the hardest to get away from with a simple lie and usually torture was going to result, Cari could only hope that the Great Lord would protect them this day. This man began his triad.

“We apologize for the discomforts accompanied by our presence. I assure you they will be temporary. We are in pursuit of two individuals identified as Darkfriends. They were last seen entering this house. However, they never left it. Which, of course, means that they are clearly still here. Facilitate this by telling us where they might be hiding within the house and we might be inclined to believe that these two are indeed strangers and not connected to this place in any way or form. Refuse…and well, I suppose we’ll have to draw our own conclusions as to your involvement” He smiled and Cari tried to fight back the urge to kill the man. He meant harm to her family, and he would clearly see it done. “What say you?” he finished and waited for something, someone to do something.

Liam started to stammer that there were no strangers there. Cari shook her head at Liam, he gave her a look of defiance and continued to say there were no darkfriends here.

Liam was going to get everyone of them sent to the questioners for this. There were only a few places they could have hidden them and Cari knew them all. Cari pulled away from her handler. He grabbed her arm again and Cari gave him a look that could kill. He warily dropped his hands. Cari didn’t speak to anyone in particular. “I’ll show you were you might find them.”

Liam protested. “Cari…” But Petra glared at him and he shut up. It was a good thing he was not a leader here. He only ran the ranch now.

Cari looked under the stairs that lead outside the ranch house. It was the only safe place, any place else could reveal the true nature of the place, thankfully these places were well hidden and only those who knew the house could find them. It was a genius design.

They reached the stairs and Cari told them of it. But they insisted she open the door. “Well, then, open it up, woman.” Cari nearly laughed but did not, she only sighed as she opened the door and found the two refugees sitting huddled in the darkness, cowering when the door opened with a decided click. Cari retrieved the men by the backs of their shirts. She didn’t say anything to them they looked at her with everything but compassion. They had brought down the fire from the heavens in one foul swoop of stupidity.

Cari dragged them out. They were highly surprised that someone of her size handled them so easily. One look from her though and they quieted. The Shadow inside her only wished for them to make the wrong move, it would be their last. Cari fought with her control, she wanted very much to kill these two men. They no only risked her life, but those of everyone she loved.

Cari pushed them out of the door way at the Child of the Light. “As requested, the only two people not residents of the ranch.” Cari didn’t smile or beg, “If you could kindly remove yourselves from our ranch, we would like to get back to work.” Cari didn’t move, she didn’t flinch at the stare she received. “I’m not sure why these men are here, or what you want from us, but we do not know these men. They came here looking for shelter, and it seems as some of my fellows would like to have them kept secret.”

He motioned for them to move back into the house, and Cari did as asked, she didn’t expect them to leave with out more drama. The Children of the Light were more than thorough in their investigations, Cari only hoped that the children would be spared.