The Children of the Light -p4

Inside everything was dead quiet, no sound but the breathing of men could be heard. Cari looked to find everyone but Nalia present. As she looked around she saw Yearn and Demus untangling from a pile on the floor. She tried her hardest to keep a straight face but a small smile crept from it. It brought interesting things to her mind, but nothing she would ask of her men. She didn’t think they’d share well in that type of situation, and she really didn’t want Yearn finding any excuse to hurt Demus.

The two refugees ran towards Petra and Liam. “Help Us! Please you promised we’d be safe!” Cari didn’t react, she knew better than to give away what had just occurred. Taylor had a look of fright on his face and Cari quickly took him into her arms to hide him from the view and his face from the Children of the Light, he knew what was about to go down.

Cari whispered in the boy’s ear to calm down. He only did so because he had no choice. He clung to Cari like there was no one else left in the world he trusted, and that was probably true, other than his grandmother.

The two men rambled. “The Great Lord said we’d be safe here, you promised us we’d be safe.” Petra and Liam looked at the men horrified, but nothing escaped their mouths. It took more than a few minutes before the words sank into the surrounding people.

One man, weak in voice and his sword swayed but it was only visible to those with a trained eye. Cari knew the sword well, she knew he was not sure of himself, but he was going to do it anyway. Cari wished she had her sword, but it wouldn’t do any good here, there were too many men, and too many innocents to get in the way. His words did not shock Cari as they came out with a quiver, “In the name of the Light I place you under arrest!” His sword pointed at Liam and Petra and Taylor chocked down a scream. He was being brave, very brave now that he was going to be alone in life. No father, no mother, his older brother already slain, his grandmother was his only last living relative.

It was still rather boggling that the Whitecloaks had yet to find Nalia, she wasn’t particularlly good at hiding. Unless maybe she was using the One Power. But it was Liam and Petra that captured Cari’s attention. Cari had to find a way to spare them that fate and assure them Taylor would be cared for. As if the thought cued the distraction, Nalia came into the room with lightning arching from her hands. It didn’t take long for the Whitecloaks to react.

They left the Rashad’s side and started to try to fight Nalia. Cari quickly slipped three vials out of her pelt pouch. One she downed quickly. The antidote in case of an accident. The poisons she had were slow acting and they would not suspect anything if the Whitecloaks saw them. Cari first went to Petra and whispered in her ear. “It will take a while, but they will not torture you. Taylor will be safe.” Cari took the poison from the vial and looked as if she was drinking it. She kissed Petra hard on the mouth and the liquid trickled into the woman’s mouth. When the poison was gone, the kiss was gentler and said good-bye. Cari had shared Petra’s bed a time or two to ease the woman’s pains about her husband…

Cari did the same for Liam but he muttered to her. “No I don’t want to die.” Cari didn’t ask him, he was even weaker than Petra and he would be the first to crack and the rest of them would surely die. Cari kissed him. It was painful for them both, as Liam fought every thing she did, but he had to come up for air and when he did Cari let lose the poison. He tried not to swallow but Cari didn’t give him an option.

The deed was done and in an hour they would both collapse.

Cari looked up just in time to see one of the hildren take a lightning bolt to the chest. He fell and another took his place. But Nalia was not at a good fighter as she would like to beleive. While others ran at her and she dispensed them easily one mere man made his way to her back side and ran her through. She screamed and it echoed through the house. Cari was still standing next to Liam but she had long since stopped touching him, she backed away just as the Questioner looked her way. It was close and it may be suspect, but she hoped that the vials that now sat in Petra closed hand would leave her free of accusation.

The Questioner walked towards the body and flipped it over with his foot. Turning around, he addressed all the Ranch members. “Look at her very carefully. This is what happens when you walk the path of darkness. This is the fate that awaits each and every one of you if you choose it. Our blade is ordained by the Creator himself. And if you cross him, we cross you. Let it be a warning to you. The only one. Because the next one would be made with the tip of our swords.” And then he signaled a few of the Children to pick up the injured and carry them outside. A second order was issued, “Make one last sweep in the premises. Report back to me.” And more men left the room. Cari knew they would find nothing more, not even a scrap of a paper that declared anyone else a darkfriend. Most of the people here were very good at their job, apparently Liam was not.

Liam was freaking out but Petra watched calmly from hooded eyes, the poison was clearly taking affect. Cari wasn’t sure what would happen when the Children came back from their sweeps.