The Children of the Light p5

It wasn’t long before the Children returned and Cari only hoped they would leave before Petra and Liam died. But it wasn’t the case. Liam’s activities pushed the poison along further and he fell to the floor face first. What would they think of it? Cari and others made a move to look as if they would assist them, and Petra even started to cry. Taylor could be heard yelling “Father” over the drone of business that was starting to begin. Cari only hoped Taylor didn’t have to watch both of them die.

One man started towards Liam’s body but the Questioner stopped him with a foul look, Cari didn’t envy the man. “Clear this room from the civilians. Place them in one of the rooms and keep them under watch. No one is to exit the room without my explicit permission.”

They were ushered into a smaller room and it was more cramped, Cari pulled her arm free of her handler and he tried to make a move again, but she looked at him as she picked up two of the children. Aiden was being strong and he was helping Sara, she was crying, her son was dead. No one looked at Cari, she wondered if anyone had seen her do what needed to be done. Sara looked up and noticed Cari watching her. She only nodded her head and Cari knew she understood. She was saving lives. Cari was doing what was right even if it was wrong in the name of the Light. Cari had been merciful to her friends and had saved the rest, she could only hope.

It wasn’t long before the Children of the Light were mounting up and leaving via the road to Fairhaven. It would not be long before the villagers knew what had transpired here. Cari only hoped they didn’t think badly of them.They had just paid the price for two men’s foolishness. But Cari knew that there would be Dragon Fangs drawn and that their life as they knew it before was no longer.

It was a few hours before anyone did anything other than sit and comfort those who had lost loved ones. Taylor wasn’t the most shaken of the group. Franc was at a loss, he eventually went off into his room and there he stayed for the time being. Cari held Sara for a few miniutes. Sara whispered in to Cari’s ear. “It’s alright, Dear. You did them a favor, and the boy too. We all thank you for your mercy. I know you had your own reasons, but I’d like to think it was not of saving your own skin.”

Cari smiled. “It was farthest from my thoughts, Miss Sara. My first thought was saving them. They did not deserve to be tortured by the likes of them. Then came the presence of everyone else here and anyone else that Liam knew to be a Friend of the Dark. I know you loved your son, but he was weak. He would give his own son up.”

Sara didn’t cry she only nodded and whispered. “I know.”

Cari wasn’t sure how long she held Sara, but it wasn’t until Yearn put his hand on her shoulder that she realized it was time to move on. Taylor needed help as did the other children. But Cari was sure that it wasn’t what he was getting at. He had just seen her kill two of her friends, and he was bound to say something.

Yearn took Cari to the side and held her tight. “I be worried about you and the children. You no be safe here.”

Cari looked up at him, she hadn’t quiet expected that. “We are as safe as we can be for the moment, we will deal with the latter when we must, for now we’ve wounds to heal.”

He looked resigned like he knew that if she didn’t do something now they may never be together again. Cari wasn’t sure if that was a good or a bad thing. He was a Light fool, and while he knew she killed for a living that wasn’t necessarily something of the Dark One. But Cari knew that Yearn would not understand her allies nor the things she must do for them.

He held her close then whispered. “You saved your friends. You be no hesitating. I be proud of you.” That was far from what Cari expected to hear from him. She expected him to rant and rave over killing her friends, however merciful it may have been. “It be hard on you. I be here for you.” The thing was it wasn’t hard for Cari to do what was right. It would have been just as easy for Cari to lift her sword and slice their throats. The mere thought awoke the Shadow with in. There was no blood and Cari didn’t want to show Yearn the thoughts she just had. Cari bit her tongue and the taste of copper ran through her mouth, her senses calmed slightly but only enough to ease the Shadow’s presence. Her anger and her thoughts would insist on blood tonight.

“I be going home. I be trying to keep my name clean. If you no be seeing me for a few days that be why.” Cari nodded and Yearn kissed her passionately before walking out the back door. He would take his leave through the woods and go unseen until he reached home. He was a ranger and a hunter and it was not nearly so weird coming from him, the villagers would not suspect he was here.

Cari comforted the children as best she could, but the hadow would not die down. She could feel it growing deeply in side her, growling, and waiting till she would take blood. The girls went off home to play and comfort themselves in the things that girls do. Aiden and Taylor took off for the woods to play with the animals. Cari was no alone with her thoughts, or so she thought. With everyone else gone from her side Demus showed up. He always seemed to when things looked their bleakest.

He didn’t touch Cari which didn’t surprise her, he seemed to know her moods better than she. He only quietly asked, “Something wrong?” He smiled. “Other than the obvious.”

Cari couldn’t help but smile. “The Shadow’s awake.” Her smile didn’t last long and neither did his. “I made a mistake when talking with Yearn and now it won’t calm.” Demus raised an eyebrow. “No, I imagined a less than merciful death for Liam and Petra.”

Demus nodded and grabbed Cari’s hand. He didn’t say much just lead the way. He lead her through the back side of the ranch to the forest. The opposite way the boys had gone, as if he knew what they were up to and had watched them leave. Cari didn’t question him, she only followed him. A dark clearing a head was their destination, it was clear once Cari saw what waited. There was a blanket with a basket. Demus was a good friend, but he knew Cari’s demeanor well. “I know this isn’t want you need, but I’m sure we can think of something that will satisfy the blood lust of the Shadow.” He winked slyly at her.

Sex didn’t satisfy the Shadow, but it did scare it away from her mind. It wasn’t free and the desires that were about to rise calmed the Shadow back into the darkness of Cari’s mind. She smiled at Demus. “Even the mere thought of seeing your delicious naked body scares the Shadow away.” Demus smiled and Cari moved into his arms.

Cari leaned in for a kiss and Demus pulled back. “You aren’t going to kill me now are you?” He winked at her playfully and braced for the hand that he knew would smack him, but it never came. Cari pulled him in tight and kissed him with a renewed fire. The hadow was gone, but Cari’s desires had not passed with it. Lust was in her eyes, whether it was for blood or sex it didn’t matter, but it would be sedated. Demus’ only saving glory was that he knew what Cari wanted and he made himself available. Cari loved Demus more than life itself.

She loved Yearn yes, but the compatibility with Demus was far greater and it showed when she made love to him. He was her soulmate so much more than Alex had ever been. But Demus was not someone she would ever ask to tie his life to hers. He was so young and had so much life left to live, Cari only wondered how long he would stay with her, she knew he would leave eventually. Leave her alone and wanting.

Her thoughts dimmed her passions but she let Demus work her body, please her in ways he had learned from Arad Doman, his mother was a very good teacher and Cari’s body withered at every touch.