Consequences – p1

Cari hurried through the forest behind the ranch. Away from where she knew Aidan and the others would be and the opposite direction Demus had gone. Even in her unseeing state she made less noise in the darkness than the farmers and villages behind her. The void kept her steady and she avoided every rock and every tree in the darkness. Her head ached. She could feel the blood rushing down her face into her mouth and leaving a trail that in daylight would be easy to follow. Cari thanked the Great Lord it was dark.

When the sounds of those following her were far away Cari found a wayward pine and slipped inside the branches. It would do for now. There had been no hounds with the villagers, they weren’t hunting darkfriends, just scaring them. At least that was what she had hoped.
The pain was excruiating now that she’d stopped the adrealine fading from her system. Cari didn’t want to know how bad the injury was. She took the hem of her shirt and tore a large scathing swatch from it and tied it around her head. The pain she knew she should be feeling skirted the edges of the void drowning into the emptiness that was in her mind.

Cari listened and felt with the void but no one came. She relaxed and would wait for morning to dawn. But she couldn’t sleep. Head injuries. Cari hummed a silly song that the children had gotten stuck in her head. But even the monotony of the song didn’t keep Cari a wake and she fell into a deep sleep.