Consequences – p2

Aidan was starting to worry. His mother was not here yet and the sun had fallen hours ago. Kate wasn’t anywhere to be found either. Nor Demus. Yearn was not here. He was here with only Fawne, Sara and Taylor. The only one worth anything in a fight was Fawne and even she was too much a girl to really help if the villages found them.

Aidan paced back and forth in the small one room cottage he and Taylor had come to find as a second home when they didn’t want to do chores. They had called it their secret spot until Kate found out about it and that meant that Fawne knew about it too. The whole I have two sisters thing exasperated Aidan to no end. Sure he had a big brother, but Jeffery Kincaid was off light knows where doing light knows what. Aidan vaguely remembered him stopping by once a while a go but their mother sent him packing South – towards the Dragon – towards the Black Tower.

He could channel. It wasn’t suprising since his father was a Dreadlord. Not that he’d found that peice of information out easily. It had taken months of badgering his mother about Jeffery Kincaid’s father. All she ever said was he was a Tower Guard once upon a time. Now he was not. She eventually caved when she found out that he and Kate had sworn an oath to the Great Lord. It wasn’t odd for children to do such things, Taylor and Talyn had been children when they had. As had Jesse, their cousin, who was no in Tar Valon. Talyn was dead – declared darkfriend. Though they said it was a training accident, no one on the Ranch beleived that.

They had proclaimed their loyalty to the Great Lord under Demus’ watchful eyes. He had started their trainig with out their mother’s conscent. But she had not been made at any of them. Mother rarely got angry. You didn’t want to see her when she was angry – heads would fall. And it wasn’t an exaggeration most of the time.

Cari Namere was once a warder. She is and will always be the protector of Raeyn Sedai no matter how far their lives drift apart. But she is a living weapon. The darkness inside was cold and harsh and it was a living breathing entity that scared Aidan more than anything in the world – she called it the Shadow.

His mother was far from normal – the many voices in her head. The control they exert over her body – the lapses of memory and the fearsome shadow all were parts of the fraigle mind that made up his mother. Two bonds broken, one passed and one released. There was no price on the loyalty of his mother, but the price had taken it’s toll on her mind. Everyone knew to watch her. Demus most of wall watched his mother. Yearn too but he was not like the rest of them. He was born to the light and remained in the light despite what he knew of what his mother did. Aidan knew Yearn was going to have a hard life if he continued to love his mother. She was a hard woman – loving but hard.

But even his tangental thoughts didn’t stray long from the point in fact – his mother was not here. He promised himself that he’d wait till day broke and then he would go look for her. Even though those were not his orders. This was his mother. And he would do whatever he had to to find her and bring her home with them.