The Children of the Light – p7

At that very moment Cari had a bad thought her pet was still in the basement. Cari ran to her house and dashed into the basement. Cari opened the last door and found Shelia naked in the corner, sleeping. Cari sighed. “Wake up girl, we need to go.” Cari threw a blanket at her. “Use this for now, when we get safe I will give you proper clothes.” Cari unchained the girl and pushed her forward. “Move!”

Sheila moved as fast as she could, which wasn’t very fast. The months of torture had paid toll on her limbs and Cari should just leave her to die, but that was one way to have them all hunted as Darkfriends for sure. She couldn’t have that.

Out of of the tree line Cari watched as villages bearing pitch forks and torches started towards them. They hadn’t seen her yet. She could have gotten away, but she couldn’t let them have her toy anymore than herself. Cari drew the sword that hung at her hip. As the first of the villagers were on them.

The world emptied into the void and Cari felt the Shadow uncoil at the onslaught of voilence that was about to unfold. Cari watched as it pulled free of its mental chains and clawed at the void. It wanted in. It wanted blood.

The first of the villagers – a man Cari had exchanged pleasantries with only a few weeks ago was not upon her bearing his pitchfork at her and she parried it in one quick move. She could have hit him over the head. Or kicked him aside knocking him unconscious, but instead Cari drew her dagger from her sleeve with one quick motion wrapping her arm around his throat as he barreled past her with his own momentum. She slit his throat. She could feel the hot sticky blood pouring over her hand as his scream died in his throat.

A second and a third rushed towards them, Shiela cowering at her feet. Cari defended the woman in her fallen state. There was no getting away from the mob that was pressing down upon them. But Cari would insure she took as many of them with her as possible.

She danced the dance. The power of the void flooding through her, the voices in her head were quiet as the warder danced the deadly dance. Cari lived for the dance.

The sting of a pitch fork stabbing into her thigh was barely felt as she lobbed off the attackers head. There were too many of them. They started for the girl and Cari was having trouble defending all sides before they were jamming pitch forks into her toy. Shiela looked up at her with fear and agony but there was nothing Cari could do for the girl now – she would die. Cari would insure it. She whispered, “Sorry”. Cari slide her dagger from one ear to the next of her toy.

Cari caught a shovel in the face blinding her with the blood. The void almost slipped as the jarring pain crashed against it. She focused on the forest line. The people between her and it. She had to get away now. There was nothing left to save. Cari’s sword slaughthed through the crowd in front of her and her dagger stabbed at whatever she felt moving in front of her. It was like they magically parted from her as she charged. They were untrained and Cari was thankful for that as she ran into the forest.

She could hear them chasing, she would lead them away from Demus and the others. It would be the last thing she did.