On a cold winter night there is nothing more valuable than something warm and comforting. The air chills your bones and puffs of white escape your lips. Stepping into the warmth of your home is pure heaven. Shedding your fur lined gloves brings a small comfort as your fingers wiggle to free themselves from their confinement.

The heavy coat that kept you warm makes you sweat inside, but it had been the only barrier to the cold air outside. The warm arm send tingles through your skin as you pull the coat off and hang it up on the beg by the door.

The living room is inviting, but it’s to the kitchen you head first. Hot steaming cups of coffee calling your names. Holding the hot cup in the palms of both of your hands to take the last bit of chill from you body before sipping cautiously at the hot, bitter liquid inside.

The warm liquid warms you from the inside out and you sit by the window and watch the snow fall from the sky thinking how great is to be inside and warm again.