Stepping from a high rise sounds stupid. Jumping from a plane sounds stupid. Jumping off the top of a cliff – stupid.

All of these things are stupid if you aren’t prepared. It’s not daring to jump over the ledge. It’s not brave. But if you are doing it for the adrenaline rush? Still stupid? I’d have to say yes. But the adrenaline rush is grand.

The rush of air over your skin. The spatter of a bug as you collide with it as you fall through the air. The sound rippling past your ears as you free fall. The moment you lose your breath because the sight is beyond compare. Nothing like it in the world.

Conquering your fear as you plummet to the earth only to be dragged upwards as you pull the ripcord. The ants for cars below your feet. The roads cutting patterns into the ground below. The buildings look like toys. Jumping can be stupid but it can be utterly freeing.