Stepping from a high rise sounds stupid. Jumping from a plane sounds stupid. Jumping off the top of a cliff – stupid.

All of these things are stupid if you aren’t prepared.

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A single droplet of water breaks the surface of the blue sheet of water below. Drip! It falls without a care, unaware of the impact it will have on the water below. It mixes with its brethren but the surface of the impact is seen in perfectly circular ripples outward.

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On a cold winter night there is nothing more valuable than something warm and comforting. The air chills your bones and puffs of white escape your lips. Stepping into the warmth of your home is pure heaven. Shedding your fur lined gloves brings a small comfort as your fingers wiggle to free themselves from their confinement.

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The music was soft yet powerful. The melody whisked you away to a beautiful place while the orchestra plays a haunting harmony of the forest of painted trees and darkness dance in the background. A soft light illuminated the dancers.

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