Guilty Pleasures

I should really know better than getting these types of prompts. But hey that’s what was given to me. I will do my best not go where you expect it to go.

Yeah I can’t think of anything.

Okay there is one… Guilty Pleasures.

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Head in the Clouds

There was rarely time during the Academy to have my head in the clouds. But I had my dreams – aspirations. My dreams rarely came to me at night. I didn’t dream about my adult glory days. Nightmares plagued my nights, so the little time I had free I rarely thought about my future. I […]

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I’ve never considered myself a tourist, though I have been all over the United States, Canada and Mexico. But those are all for work. Being a hunter in the United States means that you tend to travel a lot. I’ve seen both oceans, the gulf of mexico from different points of view. I’ve slept under […]

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Being the ward of the Venatori you are deprived of a great many things in life. The first and foremost is the freedom of choice. You are given what you are to wear with no choice. Unless you have a benefactor who cares – which I did not. But it comes with a lot more […]

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It’s not news if you’ve been following me around at all, but I was born in the mountains – Boulder, CO specifically. I don’t remember much about them before I left at the age of 5.

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Like the caterpillar to the butterfly we all make a transformation. My life has gone from one big pile of crap to another pile of crap and on and on until we are today. Such is life. I am no longer that scared little boy who longs for his mother’s love.

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Waking Up

I woke up in his so-called room back in Brooklyn. I saw the familiar form of Ant sitting by the door. I rolled my eyes, “No one is going to hurt me in my own bed.” Ant turned to look at me with his dark eyes and pointed a finger at me. “You’ve been gone […]

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