The Children of the Light p5

It wasn’t long before the Children returned and Cari only hoped they would leave before Petra and Liam died. But it wasn’t the case. Liam’s activities pushed the poison along further and he fell to the floor face first. What would they think of it? Cari and others made a move to look as if […]

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The Children of the Light -p4

Inside everything was dead quiet, no sound but the breathing of men could be heard. Cari looked to find everyone but Nalia present. As she looked around she saw Yearn and Demus untangling from a pile on the floor. She tried her hardest to keep a straight face but a small smile crept from it. […]

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Guilty Pleasures

I should really know better than getting these types of prompts. But hey that’s what was given to me. I will do my best not go where you expect it to go.

Yeah I can’t think of anything.

Okay there is one… Guilty Pleasures.

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The Children of the Light – p2

“I don’t know these guys and they won’t say anything.” Franc said with exasperation in his voice.

Cari saw the flash of the darkfriend sign, “I’ll take care of it. I’m sure Liam needs your help with that mare he’s training.” He nodded and went off to find the rogue mare. Liam had just taken over the ranch and was having some difficulty with some of its denizen’s.

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The Children of the Light – p1

Evil isn’t always doing heinous acts in the dark places. No sometimes evil was something as simple as lying or a drawing on someone’s door. The Great Lord asks many things of many people, some simply to lie for him, others to kill in his name. For Gher and Rion it was to make sure that Lyal Truit didn’t hand Rewt to the Children of the Light where he would give up names, places, and other vital information that the Great Lord held dear to his cause. This was their first job – to stop such information. All their other jobs had been simple steal this information from so and so type jobs. They were finally moving up and now they were going to gain more glory for themselves. The Great Lord would be proud of them. But Amadicia is such a hard place to be evil and not get caught. In retrospect, they probably should have turned down the job just on location alone, but they were eager to please the Great Lord.

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