Consequences – p2

Aidan was starting to worry. His mother was not here yet and the sun had fallen hours ago. Kate wasn’t anywhere to be found either. Nor Demus. Yearn was not here. He was here with only Fawne, Sara and Taylor. The only one worth anything in a fight was Fawne and even she was too […]

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Consequences – p1

Cari hurried through the forest behind the ranch. Away from where she knew Aidan and the others would be and the opposite direction Demus had gone. Even in her unseeing state she made less noise in the darkness than the farmers and villages behind her. The void kept her steady and she avoided every rock […]

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The Children of the Light p5

It wasn’t long before the Children returned and Cari only hoped they would leave before Petra and Liam died. But it wasn’t the case. Liam’s activities pushed the poison along further and he fell to the floor face first. What would they think of it? Cari and others made a move to look as if […]

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The Children of the Light -p4

Inside everything was dead quiet, no sound but the breathing of men could be heard. Cari looked to find everyone but Nalia present. As she looked around she saw Yearn and Demus untangling from a pile on the floor. She tried her hardest to keep a straight face but a small smile crept from it. […]

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