Define Love

Define love? I know what I want it to be – unconditional, irreplaceable and unmoveable. But love is hardly that. People throw it around and don’t mean it. I love you. I love this painting. I love pizza. Love.

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No Pen

Since the subject is No Pen, I won’t write anymore. Here are images that speak to me on a personal level.

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Life in the Venatori is different than most realize, except for other Venatori of course. It’s like living in a story book world where the monsters and the heros all exist. As a kid growing up before really knowing what life as Venatori meant I idolized the stories I was told. But not the ones every other kid grows up with. To me swinging from a spider web was impossible but yet I knew of men who could swing from buildings with ease. Super strong like Superman, sure. I could just watch the men and women in the gym pound each other with fists of steal and life refrigerators without sweating. Run fast like the Flash? No problem at least for Venatori.

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David Bowie

It is a sad day when Rock Legends die. I’m too young to have followed the early years of David Bowie. But one of AJ’s beta readers said that he could see me liking David Bowie and Queen and the Glam Band era.

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