Touring Boulder Headquarters

That is the main difference to NYC HQ and Boulder HQ, shit closes around here. At 8 am I was standing outside the main building of the HQ compound and no one was there yet. The woman who opened the door smiled at me and let me inside. I sat down and waited another 30 minutes for Michaela to show up. I was not impressed.

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Meeting Michaela

When I got to the bar there was this short brunette standing outside leaning against the wall. She had her back to me and all I could think was nice ass, but I had more important things to do than hit on girls.

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Plane Ride

Fears are something I always try to conquer, and I have conquered my fear of flying, but that doesn’t make it any easier. Here’s to conquering another fear!

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The List

I was given a list of my next five marks, just 5 names – someone had already found them and I had to do the work in reverse now.

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Ad Aetatem

The Ad Aetatem is a series of three rituals – first the sacrifice, the second the vision question and the third the mark. Every Venatori of age must endure all three to become an adult.

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