Favorite Spot

Since I was eight or nine years old my favorite spot was the roof of the Apex Unlimited building. The wind high above the city was brisk, the air much cleaner than it was down below. It wasn’t perfect but it was my serenity growing up.

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What is courage?

I disagree with a part of the definition. Courage is not the ability to do something difficult, dangerous, painful etc, without fear it is to do it in-spite of that fear. Everyone is afraid of something. I have many fears – some are founded others are just silly to others.

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The writing prompt I found today was to create your monster and tell what it ate, where it lived, etc. So I’m going to use that to tell you about Marionettes. Marionettes are a class of supernatural beings that do not have corporeal bodies of their own – angels, demons and ghosts specifically.

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I’m terrified of needles. I have two tattoos however. The first I got while I was drunk at 16, the other I was on a ceremonial hallucinogen that every Venatori is required to take and the tattoo to get..

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Mixed Messages

AJ is working on Camp NaNoWriMo at the moment – writing my introduction story. The how it all begins type thing. AJ’s on target for the writing goal of 75K – though this past weekend was a bust writing.

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